Anno Domini 1666 Royal bundle (METAL miniatures)

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This bundle contains Anno Domini 1666 base game and all available expansions from original kickstarter (excluding extra commoners sets) with 20% discount vs retail price.

It also contains extra 5 kickstarter and convention exclusives miniatures: Milady, Rochefort, Boruta, Sobieski and Richelieu.


Expansion sets included in bundle.


- Horrors of Vienna

- The Blood Moon

- The Chamber of Curiosities

- 3&4 player expansion

- Bohun's Rebels faction set

- Order of the Broken Cross faction set

- Envoys of the High Porte faction set

- Veterans of the Tercio faction set

- Defenders od the Crown character pack

- Royal musketeers character pack

- Bohun's Rebels character pack

- The Order of the Broken Cross character pack

- The Envoys of the High Porte character pack

- Veterans of the Tercio  character pack

- Mercenaries I

- Rabbi and Golem

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