Swords of Light and Darkness (plastic)

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Swords of Light and Darkness is an expansion to Anno Domini 1666, a swashbuckling game of intrigue and mystery, set in an alternative reality of 17th century Vienna. An expansion introduces many new characters and series of scenarios linked to a campaign. The Imperial election comes to its conclusion.

Players will try to convince the Elector of Brandenburg, Friedrich Wilhelm, to vote for their candidate. It depends on you whether Louis the XIV of France or Charles II of Spain, also known as El Hechizado (The Bewitched), will become the new emperor. In the shadow of the great politics, we'll see a duel between the two famous fencers: Salvatore Fabris, possessed by the mighty demon Caarcinolaas and Gérard Thibault d'Anvers. Only few people realize that the consequences of the duel between the Sword of Light and the Sword of Darkness could be much more serious than just the upcoming Imperial election...

Swords of Light and Darkness implement new Alarm rules, an achievement system and - most importantly - rules for solo play. Now you can enjoy Anno Domini 1666 even if you lack partner to play with. In the Campaign Book you will also find "The Duel", a short story written by top Black Library author C. L. Werner!

Note: You need the Anno Domini 1666 core set to use this expansion. 3-4 Player Scenario expansion is required to play II act of campaign.


Contents: - 11 plastic Miniatures - 19 Character Cards - 1 Demon Card - 38 Item Cards - Spell Book, the Lemegeton - Alchemy Book, the Opera Omnia - Alarm Mini-Board - 20 Achievement Cards - Rulebook with Swords of Light and Darkness campaign and new rules - Book of Light and Book of Darkness (rulebooks with stories for both sides of campaign) - Rules and scenarios for Automaton (solo mode) - Automaton Board - 35 Automaton characters cards.

Miniatures are pre-assembled and unpainted.